Calling all speakers, creative pros, authors, coaches, and digital business owners ready to finish 2017 with a bang:

Give me 1 hour of your day for the next 4 weeks, and I’ll help you build up your brand, tribe, and cash flow big-time.

It’s time to set yourself up for unstoppable success in 2018.

Join Jennifer Kem and the Momentum Pro Mentors for:

Build a Brand that Rules Them All in 4 Weeks (For Free)


Welcome to the most epic free training you experience this year.

But before we begin, here’s a warning:

These 4 weeks of daily challenges and live mentoring sessions with me are designed only for action-takers, and entrepreneurs serious about building a brand, a business, and a legacy that serves the planet (and makes serious money).

From writing content that converts and growing your tribe, to stepping up your visibility, productivity, and more, me and my motley crew of Momentum Pro Mentors are here to show you how it’s done — so you can get to work, and to world domination, faster.

In less than 1 hour a day,
we’ll go over every aspect of creating a badass brand that rules the world.

The goal?
To help you build up massive momentum to finish 2017 strong,
and start 2018 with crystal-clear clarity and confidence.

Friday, November 24th – Tuesday, December 19th

In the Momentum Pro virtual arena: the Jennifer Kem Business Page

Tune into our Facebook Live trainings from anywhere, and rock the whole challenge in your PJ’s, in your home office, at your fave cafe or anywhere with an internet connection.

You + Me + the Momentum Pro Mentors + Thousands of like-minded online business owners ready to take their brand and legacy to the next level.

Less than 1 Hour of Your Time (Priceless)

Because I believe in you, and what you’re doing.
And you deserve to break new ground (and bolster your bank account) with your brand in a big way.

Here’s How It Works

Starting Friday, November 24th, we start Week 1 of 4 of Momentum ‘18. It runs all the way until December 19th, and is strategically set up to help you achieve consistent small wins to build up your brand momentum and propel you into 2018 like a pro

Every Friday through Tuesday, you’ll get a beyond-bankable-brand-building action prompt via email each day, based on your challenge.

Also every day, you’ll be invited to a Facebook Live mentoring session with me called the Daily Slay, with that week’s Challenge Prompt on spotlight.

On Wednesday and Thursday… we take a break. But you can play or slay, if you’re feeling the momentum!

Note: I call this whole process the #7DaySlay slay system – it incorporates how I run my two 7-figure companies (and soon-to-be third), blending both life and business in simple, daily practices that lead to awesome results.

During the 4 weeks, you’ll also get extra training and coaching when you need it. That means this experience will keep you on your toes, making sure you’re totally supported, but also stretching and growing.

You ready?

Come blow this year – and next year – out of the water with us in

The world is waiting for what you’ve got to give.

Come get it out there – in the most powerful, profitable, purposeful way possible.


The Weekly Challenge Lineup

(Check it out: Want in for some weeks but all of them? Each Wednesday you’ll be given the option to opt-out of that week’s challenge, so you can rock the ones you want and skip the one’s that aren’t for you)

Weekly Challenge 1: List Building Bonanza

Fri Nov 24 – Tues Nov 28

This week is all about rolling out a gorgeous red carpet for your perfect people to find you, and come play with you — complete with a goodie bag they’ll absolutely adore (your lead magnet, or L1.)

Weekly Challenge 2:  Dare to Be Seen

Fri Dec 1- Tues Dec 5

This week is all about getting yourself seen and heard (and so you can eventually get paid) with grit and grace. You’ll be trying new things, sharing your ideas on a grander scale, and boldly making yourself visible where perhaps you’ve never been visible before.

Weekly Challenge 3: Content People Crave

Fri Dec 8 – Tues Dec 12

This week is all about writing stories that will draw your ideal client in and establish you as the expert who knows what’s best for them. You’ll delve deep to better understand your audience and identify what motivates them to take action.

Weekly Challenge 4: Momentum ‘18 Mastery Week

Fri Dec 15 – Tues Dec 19

This week you get to learn directly from my team expert marketers aka the Momentum Pro Mentors. We’ll talk through all the important pieces of marketing like strategy, launching, systems, courage and technology.


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